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Overall, the reviews of Maya's music make mention of her poetic and relatable lyrics, solid vocals and beautiful composition. Here are a few of the comments received from bloggers and music influencers.


"Swim" review

If Maya Salafia doesn’t follow in at least some of Taylor Swift’s footsteps, I suggest we start a riot. Coincidentally, it isn’t only the poetic lyricism that would be equally as at home on Swift’s latest LP which bares reminiscence to the undeniable member of the contemporary pop pantheon. The breezy guitar chord progressions and vocal lines also echo in the same vein as Swift’s earlier work when the guitars aren’t running through the angular indie jangle pop notes and hook-rife warmly overdriven chords. If you’re sick of tuning into throwaway pop hits, hit play and find your new playlist staple.


"Swim" review

The song's pulsating rhythms and soul-stirring crescendos showcase her exceptional talent for crafting music that resonates with listeners on a deeper level. She masterfully weaves poignant melodies and storytelling that create a journey through the whirlwind of newfound infatuation, capturing the euphoria and vulnerability of plunging into the depths of affection.


"Swim" review

“Swim” stands out as a significant achievement that demonstrates her growth as an artist. It’s a song that embodies Maya’s artistic vision, combining pop, folk, and indie music components to create a unified and captivating sound. As Maya perfects her skills and ventures into uncharted musical territories, “Swim” remains a testament to her talent and promise. It’s a song that sticks with you, encouraging repeated listens where new depth and significance can be found with each play.


"Swim" review

As soon as you press play, a calm, soothing, relaxing, ethereal ambiance will grab your attention and refuse to let go until the last notes and beats. Maya Sarafia knows how to deliver impressive vocal and instrumental performance that immediately pervades the listening apparatus, offering nothing but pleasant, addictive, hypnotic, catchy orchestrations. You’ll hear how her outstanding vocal performance acts as a centerpiece, emphasizing all the segments and instrumentations.




"Everlasting" Review

What a beautiful song. I really, really liked the vocals and the lyrics. The arrangement is pure pop folk rock with a 1990s feel and a built-in nostalgia, something very pleasant to hear. I want to hear more. The artist’s thoughtful writing and emotive vocals make a sound that is filled with character and charm, and even at just 16, the artist feels like she is truly maturing into an artist who’s composure and talent belies her years.


"Everlasting" is like an emotional whisper of a past love. It is not a dark melancholy nor a tangle of thoughts in the heart, but it is the confession of joyful and bright feelings for the relationship and wanting it to be everlasting. The song opens with a soft guitar sound and tender emotional vocals followed by a gradually faster bridge but still retains the typical stability of the country-pop genre. In addition, Maya cleverly raises the tone and volume of the vocals in the chorus to take the song to its climax. Her intelligent lyrics and passionate voice create a sound that is full of character and charm.



“Everlasting” is a song about longing for the reunification of a previous love story, told by an extraordinarily emotional plot and exquisite poetry. The music and words pierce your soul and personal and eternal love relationships with depth and insight. Maya’s voices are full of sincerity, making them the ideal vehicle for her seasoned lyrics. Maya begins to show that she is willing to push the song melodically and add more of a rock influence as the song progresses, with a combination of acoustic and electric guitars and sunny synths accompanying her smooth, soaring vocals as we open up the vibrant deck to feel a range of feelings.



Take a few seconds to take a deep breath before immersing yourself in the musical universe of Maya Salafia and her song "Everlasting", a journey of a thousand musical flavors tinged with pop and folk, all against a backdrop of soft melodic touches that never will not fail to please you. Impossible not to succumb to the voice of Maya Salafia who intoxicates us with her vocal beauty with an indescribable magic. The guitars, the instrumentation and the realization offer us the promise of a moment of effective music, which is appreciated without effort. When you have a hit in your hands, it's easier!



If there's one type of music that's impossible not to connect with, it's romantic pop. It takes you to a memory or a feeling whether it's someone we lost or someone we still love, or even that love that was never returned. All of them perfectly match the soundtrack created by American singer-songwriter Maya Salafia. She follows the style of country pop singers who write sweet and soft songs, very marked by the guitar, drums and with a poetic composition in the lyrics telling different stories. The melody sounds a bit like early Taylor Swift songs with a country foundation along with pop and strong lyrics. However, Maya's voice is more serious and deeper, maintaining the beauty of the composition and giving a special air to the song. The single clearly shows Maya's personality and her songwriting style, which complements her other songs, but with “Everlasting” it is already possible to get to know the artist and fall in love with her. Maya is on the right path of music with her compositions and her unique voice, creating songs that can touch both adults and teenagers, making everyone identify and delight with her delicacy and charisma. She is on the same level as an artist like Olivia Rodrigo and Phoebe Bridgers. So it's only a matter of time before Maya hits radio stations and streams around the world because she has talent in spades. 


The mellow guitar melody makes your mind calm while your soul elevates by listening to the heartwarming lyrics. The way Maya Salafia puts her emotions into lyrics just blows my mind. This song will surely leave you craving for the first love of your life. The music caresses the lyrics and gently escalates into the perfect harmony called ‘Everlasting’. This is surely one of the most heartfelt songs I have ever heard. The perfect mixture of acoustic and electric guitars enhances the overall feel of the track. The chorus is melodic and catchy, it instantly latches on to your head and keeps on playing on repeat every now and then. This is a song that you should listen to if you like songs filled with emotions.


Speaking of the reminiscing of a past love, ‘Everlasting’ conjures feelings of whimsical nostalgia. With the image of intense longing to capture the past and live it once again, one cannot help but be drawn in by the language used. Artfully illustrating scene after scene of romance, Salafia’s skill in not only musical composition and delivery, but also songwriting is on full display.

Delivered to us on smooth, heartfelt vocals, ‘Everlasting’ easily connects with listeners. Salafia sings with a sincerity and openness that is impossible to miss. Accompanied by a lilting guitar and instrumentals, all audio aspects blend seamlessly to create a very positive, personal listening experience.


"Everlasting” is filled with dynamic emotions. The melody is extremely catchy, contrasting beautifully with the heartbreak of the lyrics. Her lyrical style is authentic and vulnerable, enhancing the emotion of her music. “Everlasting” discusses longing for reconnection, a universally known theme that Salafia describes beautifully. Gentle, refined, and endlessly-playable, “Everlasting” is true poetry, and your perfect introduction to the young singer.


Maya Salafia has you thinking about first love with the tender, pure and innocent tones of "First Grade." Every aspect of the single adds to the delicate touch that sends you floating on waves of happy nostalgia and warmth. Her vocals are pure nectar against the sweetness of the melody that lifts your spirits and has you remembering the good times.



The artist’s discography is rich with imagery and fully charged emotion.



Maya is also part of a generation of empowered young women artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Gracie Abrams and Holly Humberstone, among many others. In common, the extreme sensitivity to write chords that touch directly the heart of even bearded adults and the ease to express their feelings within a patriarchal society that relegates women to the role of supporting players. If until now Maya has managed to transform her still short life experience into lasting songs from “First Grade” to “Everlasting”, there is hope that we will still have many other pearls coming from the soul of this girl who speaks amazingly like a woman.



Maya's new single is contagious, it brings spirit and emotion, it's alive and makes us immerse in our thoughts, it's a strong track full of power. A deep song, through vocalization and explosive melody we can feel every word narrated, every feeling expressed, it is a very representative track that gives emotion and shivers to those who listen.

Everlasting is unlike anything we've heard, it's a pop that escapes the industry and delivered sameness, it's innovative and inspiring. Maya Salafia is talented and has shown to be a great pop revelation, she brings unique and authentic sounds that make us different, she makes music with her soul, she is sentimental and perfect, and is everything we need nowadays.


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